SYS - Bad Signals

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  • Since its launch three years ago, Nijmegen's ESHU Records has been steadily delivering warm, spacey techno from mostly Dutch talent. Among that cast is SYS, who made their debut with Monocle, a dubby, smoked-out record for the label in late 2012. (Their one other production credit is a laid-back effort on last year's strong Collection compilation on Field Records.) The trio has now been tapped for a second, more floor-friendly release called Bad Signals. The EP begins with the fast, house-y cut "Splitting Force." Driven by a thick acidic bassline and draped in starlit tones, it's pretty nifty on its own, but the two B-side tracks are the real draw. Dialing down the BPM, "Exoplanet" and "Minoga" each lock in a winding three-over-four synth line. In the former, it's a subtle pattern that materializes lower down, weaving around a modulated bassline and thickets of hi-hats and cymbals. In "Minoga," it's a euphoric, acid-infused riff that takes the lead, twisting above lightly shuddering drums and moody pads. The result is an appropriately cozy close to another good release for SYS and ESHU Records.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Splitting Force B1 Exoplanet B2 Minoga