Legowelt - Immensity Of Cosmic Space

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  • With a goofy sense of humour and a love for old-school dance music, Legowelt is an obvious fit for DJ Haus's Unknown To The Unknown, a UK label that has never taken itself too seriously. UTTU has called on Danny Wolfers for their 50th release, and the Dutch producer marks the occasion with four typical Legowelt workouts, adding in a little drum & bass style for some extra zing. Wolfers puts out so much material that it often becomes a question of how novel a release is rather than how good it is. (After all, they're usually all pretty good.) The trick on Immensity Of Cosmic Space is drum breaks. They surface amidst B-movie chimes and chirpy mallets on the title track, then come to the fore on standout "Lemuria," which sounds like an ambient jungle track lost in one of Wolfers' thick extraterrestrial forests. The other two tracks are more straightforward. The techno-leaning "Palm Trees" kneads and pounds its doughy bassline like an overzealous baker, while the wet and blurry "Phase 5" recalls the mystical vibes of last year's Crystal Cult 2080. Typically quirky and well built, there's nothing in those two tracks that a Legowelt fan hasn't heard before, but combine them with a standout like "Lemuria" and you've got yourself a solid EP.
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      A1 Immensity Of Cosmic Space A2 Palmtrees In The Rain B1 Lumeria2 B2 Phase5