Harvey Bassett - Pleasure / Police Edits

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  • Whether you're a diehard collector or just a casual browser, Harvey Bassett reissues are good news to many vinyl fans. The inaugural release on Extended Love, DJ Harvey's new edits label, brings together two sought-after gems from the Brit's back catalogue. The first, a long, rambunctious take on Pleasure's 1977 Loft hit "Joyous," was originally released in 2004, while the second is a 2013 rework of The Police's "Voices Inside My Head" with Ashley Beedle. A solid four minutes longer than the original, the A-side is exactly what you'd expect from a DJ Harvey edit, all stretched-out disco loops, epic saxaphone solos and firmer kicks for slicker mixing. Though it's not until midway through that he introduces Sherman Davis's killer vocal, the first half is so vibrant and danceable you won't notice his absence. (It's no wonder the 2004 press is going for £50 on Discogs.) The original of the B-Side was released on Record Store Day a couple of years ago. Together, Beedle and Bassett smooth out the creases in Sting and co.'s pop classic, crafting a wonderfully slinky slice of club funk. With its loose live percussion and rumbling bass, it's one of those tracks that'll blow minds regardless of the context.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Pleasure - Joyous (DJ Harvey Re-Edit) B1 Police - Voices Inside My Head