Chris Tietjen - Funk That Dub EP

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  • Epilog is an Offenbach label that emerged in December 2013. It's managed by Hashmat Ansari, a longtime Offenbach-Frankfurt resident with ties to many of the area's key house artists. Epilog has been a solid purveyor of the region's stripped-back, groove-led house sound, releasing three EPs (Sascha Dive, Marc Philipp and Markus Fix) that featured an effective mix of weirdness and functionality. The label's fourth comes from Chris Tietjen. Titled Funk That Dub, it's another versatile addition to Epilog's catalogue. Chris Tietjen's long association with Cocoon suggests an affinity for big-room sounds, but this EP is anything but. It comprises three distinct dance floor tracks connected by driving bass and clever sampling. Slick and bottom-heavy, all are prime party tools. An 11-minute epic called "A Rolling Thing" occupies the B-side, and is the obvious highlight. A stop-start beat, muffled vocals and a thick low-end make it great afterhours material. "Funk That Dub" and "Whiz" are more tool-like in comparison, but similarly well-polished. The stoned keys of the latter add a bit of strangeness, which is perfectly complemented by jacking drums. The title track sounds organic by comparison.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Funk That Dub A2 Wiz B1 A Rolling Thing