Martyn - Is This Insanity? feat. Spaceape

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  • "I treat this record as a memory," said Martyn on 3024's latest release. A three-track 12-inch centered on Ben Klock's remix of "Is This Insanity?" from 2010, it revisits the days when techno and dubstep first began to mingle. But more than that, it memorializes London artist Stephen Gordon, whose vocal turns as The Spaceape left an indelible mark on the world of low-end-focused club music. Martyn's first collaboration with Spaceape was this anxious bass hybrid about—of all things—the difficulties of parenting. So it speaks volumes to Gordon's skill as a lyricist and the strength of his delivery that "Is This Insanity?" still feels more like existential poetry; even set against Ben Klock's hulking churn, Gordon resonates with each deep, satisfying syllable. Balancing the reissued material is an unreleased tune called "Camberwell Green." Martyn's abstract production gathers wispy pads and a cutting bass synth not unlike his track "Viper," setting the choppy melodic pieces over field recordings and a dismantled drum pattern. It shows an experimental side of the Dutch producer that we rarely hear, and works well to offset the weight of two such enduring tracks.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Is This Insanity? A2 Camberwell Green B1 Is This Insanity? (Ben Klock mix)