SpectraSoul - Always

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  • SpectraSoul have always been consistent, which made their two-year break from releasing all the more unusual. Now David Kennett and Jack Stevens are back ahead of a second album for Shogun Audio, and guess what? They're still pretty darn reliable. Dialling back the crossover aspirations of Delay No More, SpectraSoul's first single since 2013 does what they've always done best: soulful vocal hooks and subtle instrumentation gently reined in by the drums. "Always" is a banner SpectraSoul track in that respect, and it's one of the most satisfying examples of their formula yet. In the past the duo have run the risk of cribbing too closely from Calibre's piano-laden drum & bass, but here the ivories move a little out of step from the drums, giving "Always" a less quantized feel. And with a big fat bassline roaring in the distance, it's got some real muscle. Those driving basslines are the cornerstone of "I Don't Mind." The continued push-and-pull between aggression and sunny pop is at the heart of what makes SpectraSoul great, and even if this two-year wait hasn't resulted in anything novel, it's still nice to hear Kennett and Stevens at their best.
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      01. Always 02. I Don't Mind