Various - Lab Series Vol. 1

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  • Transition Lab, like countless labels before it, began as a party. Growing out of regular gatherings in Brindisi, an Italian harbour city, Transition Lab has focused largely on showcasing Italian producers, while recruiting an outsider for an occasional remix (Truncate and Deadbeat, for example). On the label's fourth release, Parassela—that's Blawan and The Analogue Cops—are on board for two of the four tracks, while label founder Giovanni Limongelli (Limo) and label manager Alessandro Stefanio (Buck) throw in a song each. Parassela's contributions are fast and raw techno tools. "Plutoniumdealers" is the pick of the pair. Its vocal loop is the only constant in a track that shifts nimbly and frequently. "08AG12" is fine, but as a DJ tool without contextualising tracks is too slight to be remarkable. "Another" and "Gold DB" fare better. The former, by Limo, is a tunnel-like stretch of frosted textures and austere sound effects that, even with its limited palette, establishes a strong groove. "Gold DB" is the EP's outstanding track. Its tribal percussion and hissing hi-hats sit next to a toasted synth, which soothes the track's tetchy gait—raw is good, but sometimes a balm doesn't hurt.
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      A1 Parassela - Plutoniumdealers A2 Parassela - 08ag12 B1 Limo - Another B2 Buck - Gold BD tlr