Binh - Visio

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  • Releasing a record on Perlon has probably been on Binh's bucket list for a while. The past few years have seen the Berliner cement his place as one of his hometown's key minimal artists, thanks to solid DJ skills and a well-known residency at Club der Visionäre, the style's spiritual home in the city. Even as his profile grew, though, it seemed unlikely he would make the jump to Perlon, if only because new artists very rarely break onto Zip and Markus Nikolai's label. An old guard—Villalobos, Melchior, Baby Ford—dominates Perlon, so a new artist cracking its ranks is a great achievement. Binh has done it subtly, with two functional cuts that recall some of Perlon's most memorable moments. Both tracks seem informed by years spent on dance floors. "Visio" feels tailor-made for the final minutes of the Get Perlonized! parties. It's dubby and rolling—peak-time will be long gone before it's appropriate to play this one. On the flip, "Ruski" is skippier and more hard-hitting, but only slightly. It features the same late-hour aesthetic, with strange keys and snaking drums, but somehow doesn't beat the A-side's warmth. Hopefully Visio signals the start of a fruitful relationship. Minimal's top-tier could use some fresh blood.
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      A1 Visio B1 Ruski