Smight - Course of Action

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  • Herbert Berkley, or the man known as Smight makes his appearance on the ever impressive Nascent Recordings with his Course of Action. After solid remixes on Music Is Freedom and great work on his Charity raising funds label Cure, this release is again a very impressive outing. The Original Mix is a trademark Smight production, with the delicate and unique melodic hooks, as well as some funky baselines building the production for the first half. The quirky melodic trickles weave their magic in the breakdown, and continue into the guts of the low end sounds and chunky drum beat. The remix comes from Smight and Eric Reeves in the Magic Shoes More Left Then Right Mix. Not too dissimilar, this remix uses a slightly deeper baseline, which doesn’t have all the bounce of the original mix. It has a quirky breakdown, using a touch more atmosphere, but it yet again dives back into the flow of things in true dancefloor style. I would have to say that this is quite a unique release by Nascent, with all the quirky behaviour associated with a Smight release, as well as enough of the funky baselines to keep everyone moving. Give it a whirl, you will not be disappointed.