Will & Held - Ours

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  • Spinning Plates, the name of a new vinyl-only label, is a reference to both the Radiohead song and the day-jobs that pay for the project. The label's first release is a four-track EP by Will Berridge and former drum & bass producer Richard Meller. On Ours the pair turn out richly organic, clanking techno that's different to anything either has done before, and they really hit on something in the process. There's an unusually satisfying interplay between the granular murk and the clearer sounds that pierce it. Opener "Bouys" signals the EP's dense atmospheres, its mechanical percussion and spiralling flutes emerging slowly from a soup of clicks, snaps and manipulated voices. The title track is the real heart of the EP. Its core ingredients are fairly similar to those of "Bouys," but it gets itself into gear far more readily, with rattlesnake-like percussion and blinking piano notes snapping against taut drums. The rolling mid-set techno of Trus'me's "Ours" remix is a canny addition, adding extra DJ appeal to what for many might have been too subtle a package. Humming ambient closer "Tape," meanwhile, shows how versatile Will & Held can be.
  • Tracklist
      01. Bouys 02. Ours 03. Ours (Trus’me Zonsondergang Remix) 04. Tape