DJ Haus - Helta Skelta

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  • Where December's Peekaboo EP found him doing jacking house, Helta Skelta shows DJ Haus in acid mode. The linking quality between the records—and the many others he's released in the last couple of years—is their exploration of done-to-death forms of dance music. But Haus usually tweaks things. For instance, where most other producers would be happy to let the lead line of this EP's "Acid Bleep" just run its course, Haus breaks it up in a cascade of arps. On "Bak 2 Tha Future," he peppers classic acid ingredients with flashes of neck-snapping distortion. These stylistic smarts don't always equate to gold. With seven EPs since 2013, the frequency of Haus's releases means a typical four-track EP usually has a strike rate of between 50 and 75%. But even his less compelling cuts usually have a certain creative spark, which is the case again on Helta Skelta. The plodding chiptune vibe of "Metronomy" has a robotic charm, but it doesn't stick in the mind past a few listens. The title track and "Bak 2 Tha Future" are slightly divergent products from similar ingredients—copious low-end, blocky '90s synths and delirious touches of distortion—that both work well on their own terms. The self-explanatory opener, "Acid Bleep," is the standout, however, with its euphoric 303 line and minimal vocal and percussive flourishes being worth the price of admission alone.
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      A1 Acid Bleep A2 Metronomy B1 Helta Skelta B2 Bak 2 Tha Future