Insanlar - Kime Ne (Ricardo Villalobos Remixes)

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  • Kime Ne was the first record from the Turkish supergroup Insanlar. Originally released by Aboov Plak in 2013, it's now been reissued by Honest Jon's, backed with two remixes from Ricardo Villalobos. Recorded live at Mini Müzikhol (a venue run by group member Mini Bashekim), "Kimi Ne" ("So What") unites elements of acid house and Turkish folk music, reaching beyond the two traditions while staying true to each. The song comes from "Haydar Haydar," a poem by 17th century Alevi-Bektashi poet Kul Nesîmî that vocalizes an internal struggle with God. While traditional performances of "Haydar Haydar" carry a solemn, penitent tone, Insanlar's version channels a sense of rebellion via acid house's otherworldly textures. The result is a beautiful, haunting trip that highlights house's ability to synthesize both the divine and the hedonistic. It seems appropriate that Villalobos, an artist known for his balancing act of maintaining and losing control, would remix the winding "Kime Ne." Stylistically, the original doesn't sit too far from Villalobos's comfort zone: the vocal deliveries, slightly out of tune with each other, could have easily come from one of his own records. While the fast-paced first mix doesn't sound dramatically different from much of Villalobos's recent material, his sparse arrangement lends it a psychedelic quality. The second version is more subdued, and it's more compelling than the first, as Villalobos holds back his typical showmanship and focuses on the original's lamentation. Both remixes demonstrate a singular understanding of the original's complex spirituality.
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      A1 Kime Ne B1 Kime Ne (Ricardo Villalobos Version 1) C1 Kime Ne (Ricardo Villalobos Version 2)