Lory D - Strange Days Vol 3

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  • Lorenzo D'Angelo and Numbers go back a long way. The Rome producer has recorded almost exclusively for the Glasgow label and Wireblock, one of the now defunct labels Numbers was spawned from, over the past decade. He's also played for them on many occasions, including one event at Paisley's Club 69 many years ago that Numbers cofounder Jackmaster still says was the best set of his life. Many of the tracks on the three Strange Days EPs so far have included the word "acid" in their titles, which tells you plenty about the releases' generally fevered atmospheres. In fact, "grn-HF" has a dreamy quality, largely thanks to its wafting foreground horn melody. Elastic bass and keen percussion usher it back to the floor as a potential set closer, but it's a notably gentle member of the Strange Days series. "Acidspix" feels more familiar, both in terms of its title and its dark mood. Even after several minutes of repetitious, bounding acid though, D'Angelo still has a trick up his sleeve—a suddenly dominant arc of shining pads—to remind us who we're dealing with here.
  • Tracklist
      A1 grn­HF B1 Acidspix