Second Storey - One Sound / Layer Lock

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  • Al Storey (AKA Al Tourettes, Second Storey) continues to pick apart and recontextualize bass-fueled techno on his latest Houndstooth EP. The record's two originals, "One Sound" and "Layer Lock," are rugged and powerful, to say the least, and are backed with two similarly imposing remixes by veterans Luke Vibert and Cristian Vogel. Despite coming from three different backgrounds, side by side everyone involved sounds particularly on point and cohesive; even Vogel's windblown version of "Layer Lock" bares its teeth when needed. Storey uses "One Sound" as a platform for his formidable production chops. So, of course, the sound design is top-notch. The track goes somewhat off the rails, whereas "Layer Lock" keeps to a direct rhythmic onslaught. Somehow Vibert fuses those energies in his boisterous "One Sound" remix, and just about steals the spotlight in the process. The tune lifts its jittery beat wholesale from Storey's original, immediately piling on a skipping top rhythm and wild samples until the music approaches another sound entirely.
  • Tracklist
      A1 One Sound A2 Layer Lock B1 One Sound (Luke Vibert Remix) B2 Layer Lock (Cristian Vogel Re-Trans-Form)