Daniel Avery - Rødhåd, Silent Servant, Volte-Face remixes

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  • Most of Daniel Avery's 2013 debut LP, Drone Logic, used techno and acid to paint a greyscale portrait of the huge dance floors its producer frequently plays to. And to the same extent, his on-going series of album remixes has kept its attention on big and brawny music. For the latest EP, techno mainstays Rødhåd and Silent Servant join newcomer Volte-Face to tackle three different Drone Logic tracks. The producers all substantially diverge from their source material, and yet they still occupy a similarly robust and intoxicating headspace. Through ghostly atmospherics and atonal FX smears, Rødhåd's version of "Drone Logic" reduces the track's stratospheric climbs to a steady churn. It's a detailed and finely tuned piece of dark techno that comes to an understated climax, but is the least engaging of the EP's three tracks. Volte-Face's remix of "Platform Zero" and Silent Servant's remix of "Spring 27" captivate and satisfy in their separate ways, from the former's expansive astral flutter to the latter's blown-out and ravey synth patterns. Both tracks stick to a steady thump just like Rødhåd's, but better hone the their melodic elements and structural dynamics. It's notable how much Volte-Face and Silent Servant could do with what were essentially two beatless interludes, and it's also worth mentioning how the entire EP makes a point to find unexpected applications for the tracks of Drone Logic.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Drone Logic (Rødhåd Remix) AA1 Platform Zero (Volte Face Remix) AA2 Spring 27 (Silent Servant Remix)