Seth Troxler & Phil Moffa - Rogue Music

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  • "It seems like it's so much harder to be taken serious, or taken legit," said Seth Troxler in RA's latest Between The Beats film. Rogue Music, produced with his sometime engineer Phil Moffa, might not represent the zenith of Troxler's career, but the warped, witching-hour atmosphere the duo summon is some pretty serious business. This is especially true of "Blue Rawls," which begins with a hyperactive kick pattern before the Americans increase the pressure with a nagging refrain that sounds like a nest of rattlesnakes. It becomes darker still, an ice-cold wind blasting through it, before an operatic voice and portentous strings provide a further twist. It's like some deranged electronic version of a Bernard Herrmann soundtrack. The juddering techno of "Meet The Butcha" sounds straightforward in comparison, but there's still time for Troxler and Moffa to disfigure it with alarm pulses and jangling synths at the breakdown. Troxler doesn't get to spend much time in the studio these days, but this creative relationship with Moffa is definitely worth further exploration.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Blue Rawls B1 Meet The Butcha