Omar-S ‎- I Wanna Know feat. James Garcia

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  • "Only a momma's boy cares about artwork," Omar-S said around the time of the release of his last album, Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself. To underscore the point, the cover was a photo of him crouched in front of a body of drab, grey water (the reverse had a slightly more interesting shot of him standing beside a factory-fresh red Corvette by the Detroit River). FXHE's first release of 2015 makes a concession to the maternally dependant. Its tribute to the artwork of André Cymone's Livin' In The New Wave is a striking departure from the label's no-frills design credo. The A-side channels a degree of the one-time Prince bassist's futuristic funk through its flashy neon synths, but singer James Garcia brings a dose of cynicism that's far removed from something like Cymone's wistfully romantic "Kelly's Eyes." Garcia's raunchy vocal is a lot of fun, but it does have a drawback: it partially obscures "I Wanna Know"'s finer details, something that becomes more clear on the "Extramental Mix." Its bossy Casio synths, rubbery bassline and rough handclaps really come to the fore without Garcia, as do the distinctive castanets running through it. It's a slight pity that Garcia's vocal bullies the rest of "I Wanna Know" into submission, but on the whole this is yet another impressive record from Omar-S.
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      A1 I Wanna Know B1 I Wanna Know (Extramental Mix)