Healing Force Project - Strange Apparitions In My Recording Room

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  • Berceuse Heroique seems to cherish the idea that you value what you have to work for. This is clear in the often-challenging music they release and in the way they release it: "300 copies only, no repress." Following a string of releases from Healing Force Project last year on Italian labels such as Marco Shuttle's Eerie, Strange Apparitions doesn't have a limited run but it does challenge the listener. In the original, and to a lesser extent the remix, dazed analogue lines circle around each other, making a clouded mire of sounds. There's plenty going on, with the original containing elements of free jazz. The sounds on the track's periphery are like the wild end of a John Coltrane solo, while the other elements—its insistent pulse, the loose shakers, the kick—bear little rhythmic resemblance to one another. Hashman Deejay's remix, which is more organised and upfront, is the one most DJs will reach for. The bass and kick are still murky, but the light-headed popping and fizzy chords make it prime material for when surreal, forward-thinking music is the order of the day.
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      A1 Strange Apparitions In My Recording Room B1 Strange Apparitions In My Recording Room (Hashman Deejay's Ambient Mix)