Omar Santis - A T.D.L.D Joint

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  • With no social media presence and no info on Discogs, all we know about Karakul is that it's a "new label focussing on deeper house cuts from around the world." Omar Santis, the man behind Karakul's first release, isn't quite as low-key: he's a Chilean-born, Stockholm-based house producer, who, judging from these four super-soulful tracks, has talent to spare. According to Santis, A T.D.L.D Joint is an abbreviation for "ta det lugnt daa," which roughly translates from Swedish as "take it easy yeah." If the EP's title was meant to reflect its contents then Santis has it spot on. For those new to his work, "Stark Champagne" encapsulates what he's about: it matches skating snares, stirring soul vocals and soaring strings with a leisurely beat. In the wrong hands this kind of bustling palette could feel fussy, but Santis's constant tinkering keeps you locked. "Lulu's Jam (Uncle Boogie Mix)" leans a little heavier on the kicks, its gently rocking groove strewn with elegant keys. "At The Shanzai Hotel," the EP's most club-ready moment, swaps keys for trancey flourishes and a slick motorized bassline. On "Inward" Santis closes the EP with a 104 BPM cut filled with lush chords, solemn strings and bleary-eyed melody. It brings this beautifully detailed release to a quietly epic finish.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Stark Champagne A2 Lulu's Jam (Uncle Boogie Mix) B1 At The Shanzai Hotel B2 Inward