Luca Lozano ‎- Mister Right Now

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  • 2014 saw Luca Lozano spread his wings like never before, releasing on Disc Over Music, Optimo Trax, 100% Silk and Sex Tags UFO (the German producer had previously all but limited his output to his own Klasse Recordings). The results were mixed, ranging from the glorious to the less well-received. His final release of the year led him to DJ Haus's Unknown To The Unknown, turning out a stomping four-tracker that delights more than it disappoints. Actually, all of the disappointment arrives within the first seven minutes. Listening to the title track's monotone synth line drag itself across stiff kicks and snares, it's as if Lozano was wary of bearing too much too soon, plumping instead for something easy to consume. "Come With Me," on the other hand, is all raw dance floor energy. A mean electro bassline storms across blistering percussion, joined later by hospital-bed bleeps that complete this peak-time weapon. "The Afterworld" is more elaborate, as Lozano constructs a slice of swirling techno using billowy pads, congas and darting synths. Halfway in a rave break bursts through, sending energy levels sky-high. DJ Fett Burger presents a Balearic slant on the fierce original. A dreamy haze of twinkles and childlike chattering invites us in, before lilting drums and a cushiony bassline frame a lively centrepiece of frisky stabs.
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      A1 Mister Right Now A2 Come With Me B1 The Afterworld B2 Mister Right Now (DJ Fett Burger's Orgonitt Meme Deep Mix)