Radio Slave - Children Of The E

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  • The last time Matt Edwards appeared on Running Back (in 2008) it was with a near classic. Sex Trax's "RJ" hearkened back to the stiff funk of early '90s Sex Mania records, and Children Of The E has a similarly retro focus, albeit directed back across the pond to Edwards' native UK. Both versions of "Children Of The E" take a page from UK hardcore and early jungle, presenting two versions of breaks-driven house with the same expertise that made Radio Slave's last Running Back release such a landmark. The "South London Mix" is the choice cut, peppering its lithe drum breaks with little sound effects before rocketing off into rave-stab depravity. As ever, Edwards wrings maximum impact out of simple repetition, banging out those stabs into a frenzied climax. The "North London" version is more restrained, though there's a hint of foreboding in the synths that drape the background. It's poised and powerful yet feels like it's on the verge of a nervous breakdown, channeling the dark energy of UK hardcore at its most paranoid peak.
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      A1 Children Of The E (South London Mix) B1 Children Of The E (North London Mix)