Raresh - Vivaltu Remixes

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  • Save for the obligatory mnml.nl thread, [a:rpia:r] releases arrive completely out of the blue. You won't see any of the self-congratulatory "strictly limited" or "no repress" Facebook posts that precede so many vinyl-only releases these days, and there's a good chance you'll miss out on buying the record entirely unless you're already an [a:rpia:r] fan. Vivaltu Remixes dropped a few days before Christmas, and it collects three reworks of a Raresh track that's been doing the rounds in clubs for years. Long-time associate Ricardo Villalobos and label co-founder Petre Inspirescu deliver the highlights—they're some of the most beautiful tracks [a:rpia:r] has released. If you've seen Raresh, Rhadoo or Petre Inspirescu play in recent years there's a good chance you've heard "Vivaltu." It's one of the few tracks officially attributed to Raresh, and it's undoubtedly his best (that's been released, at least). It has many of the hallmarks of Romanian house—unintelligible vocals, big sub-bass, a stop-start beat and, most importantly, a rolling groove. There's an ambiguous mood in Villalobos's remix that, to me, is both melancholic and uplifting. It rolls like the original but, with a collage of stabs, atmospherics and vocals, has more moving parts. Inspirescu's is even more musical, retaining the dark vibe of Raresh's original. Dan Andrei provides a rework as Aloe Varu, but it's the least inspiring and most straightforward cut here. It's easy to see it fuelling an afterhours session, but alongside the three other selections it feels one-dimensional.
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      A1 Vivaltu B1 Vivaltu (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) C1 Vivaltu (Petre Inspirescu Remix) D1 Vivaltu (D Aloe Varu Remix)