Stave - After The Social

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  • Repitch's recent releases have walked the fine line between club tracks and experimental music that doesn't make it past headphones. However, it's been easy to imagine the last few Repitch records getting played at a club, as they've generally all featured a 4/4 pulse buried underneath extreme distortion and harsh mid-range. Stave, one-half of Downwards duo Talker, supplies Repitch's latest release, again pushing the boundaries of what's dance floor-friendly. There are probably only a handful of DJs on the planet up for dropping the stuff on After The Social, but the quality of the techno here is undeniable. Along with a degree of functionality, Repitch has shown emotion in lots of the music it's released, something that eludes many labels working with similarly heavy sounds. A sense of dread looms over the two originals here, created by a droning synth on "Hardened Chord" and rattling percussion on "Paid Jazz." Parts of Regis's remix of "Hardened Chord" are swung and funky, making it the cut most likely to get club traction. Though it features a straightforward kick drum, it's hard to see the final original, "Circle Pit," getting much play outside of the living room. But with two excellent versions of "Hardened Chord" to choose from, daring DJs have plenty to work with.
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      A1 Hardened Chord A2 Hardened Chord (Regis Remix) B1 Circle Pit B2 Paid Jazz