Paperclip People - Country Boy Goes Dub (Marcel Dettmann Remix)

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  • Originally released in 1996, "Country Boy Goes Dub" is a standout of Carl Craig's Paperclip People oeuvre. A wickedly charismatic, dub-flecked blend of manic female vocal samples, raucous claps, guitar loops and a characteristically jazzy piano line, it was a highlight on the only Paperclip People album to date, The Secret Tapes Of Dr. Eich. This re-release's raison d'être, however, is Marcel Dettmann's new(ish) remix. First heard in the middle of his brilliant fabric 77 mix last year, the Berghain resident's rework focuses on Craig's lilting pianos, weaving them around a lugubrious bassline to create a luxuriant but sparky piece of dub techno in the Rhythm & Sound/Basic Channel tradition. It deftly presents a new angle while respecting the source material, and it reveals new delights with each listen.
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      A1 Country Boy Goes Dub B1 Country Boy Goes Dub (Marcel Dettmann Remix)