Hinode - Science Fiction Recordings 003

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  • Hinode is Matteo Chisari and Mario Resta, a Berlin-based duo from Italy. Earlier this year they started their own label, Science Fiction Recordings, but their first EP came out on Enlightened Wax, the imprint headed up by fellow Italian Marieu (one half of Analogue Cops). Hinode's contribution to last year's Punch In The Face EP felt as though it was tailored specifically to that label: two tracks of boisterous and rough-hewn disco house in a similar vein to the Cops' own output. This time, though, they've taken things in a deeper and more refined direction. The third release on Science Fiction Recordings illustrates just how much Hinode's sound has developed. Opener "Objective Collapse Theory" drives forward in a mist of ticking hi-hats, muffled radio transmissions and lurching chords, creating an atmosphere that feels pleasantly unsettled. With its broken beats and acid-flecked bassline, "Musicology" is cut from the same cloth: distant piano flourishes add subtle flavour to the mix, though the wailing saxophone in the track's mid-section feels slightly overwrought. On the flip, "Cognitive Dissonance" is a hostile electro number that would undoubtedly do the most damage on the floor, its frenzied snares hacking away at the murky ambience to keep things feeling sprightly. An expertly restrained rework from XDB completes the package, marrying the ominous tone of the original with a more linear percussive arrangement.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Objective Collapse Theory A2 Musicology B1 Cognitive Dissonance B2 Cognitive Dissonance (XDB Remix)