DJ Haus - Peekaboo

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  • DJ Haus has a way of tackling classic (and often clichéd) styles of dance music with a flair that makes them feel brand new. That rings true on his latest EP for Crème Organization, where, like a lot of his recent work, the theme is jacking '90s house in all its organ-bashing, stuttering-vocal glory. If that sounds unappealing in a world of Kerri Chandler and MK rip-offs, then give Haus a chance—his take is a little weightier than usual. I mean that quite literally: "Werk It Gurl" and "Feel The Powder" have such bottom-heavy oomph that it feels like their peppy drums are weighed down by anchors. "Little Pieces" pushes even harder, bringing techno sensibilities into the equation with choppy drums and a pulsing siren chord. Only the title track falters. It's a muddle of strings, chimes and odd baby-talk samples that feels a tad too rough alongside the other, more polished songs.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Werk It Gurl A2 Little Pieces B1 Peekaboo B2 Feel The Powder