PVNV - Consortium

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  • Consortium continues in the vein of atmospheric techno explored on Parisian label Taapion's first two records, even if it's not as satisfyingly diverse. At the helm this time is label co-founder PVNV, who contributed a dimly lit but playfully energetic cut, "Rollin Dust," to the TPN002 sampler. His two original tracks here are a little warmer and cozier, "Consortium" in particular. It's the sort of patient, panoramic production, filled with open spaces, that's best heard front to back. Barely swung kicks give a gentle push beneath lush pads and endless reverberations. "Intrasolaar" is a more DJ-friendly 4/4 track, but it still has plenty of subtle touches between its sprightly percussion, soft beeps and choral-like tones. On remix duty is Dutch veteran Steve Rachmad, appearing as Sterac, and Shlømo, another one of Taapion's founders. The Sterac vinyl version of the title track is a re-tooled 4/4 cut with a crucial bit of syncopated funk sewn into the low-end. But its 11-minute length, with a couple of long breakdowns, is a little excessive. It should do fine work in deeper sets, but a more to-the-point digital remix from Sterac, which comes covered in urgent, dubby synths, is stronger. Shlømo dials up the drums and sends an acidic riff ping-ponging through his "Intrasolaar" remix, but he also peels away most of the warm vibes of the original, resulting in something more familiarly greyscale. The remixes are solid overall, but it's the tracks from PVNV that stand out.
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      A1 Consortium A2 Intrasolaar B1 Consortium (Sterac Remix) B2 Intrasolaar (Shlømo Remix) Digital: Consortium (Sterac Deep Remix)