Arad - Haon

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  • As half of Lakker, Dara Smith makes apocalyptic techno and bass music with Ian McDonnell, whose punishing solo output as Eomac dates back to 2010. Smith, on the other hand, is only now releasing music on his own, but he's made quick work of distinguishing himself from his other projects. Reversing his first name for an alias, Arad takes on techno structures with workmanlike confidence and a keen sense of space. His debut EP for Electric Deluxe, Haon, uses those techniques across four hard-edged tracks that never waste time getting to the point. Much of Haon evokes early '90s Warp—namely, Autechre's Tri Repetae and the Artificial Intelligence comps—with its unsettling sci-fi atmospheres and vintage sound banks. And yet Smith never seems to be looking backwards. "Getup Awa Dat" pushes a clattering stomp that holds its own in the current noise-techno climate, as does the squalling pulse of "Basswave." "NCS" sounds like a moody interlude from an Ostgut Ton mix album. Though for all the apparent stylistic references, Arad's has successfully carved out his own sound.
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      A1 Basswave A2 Fourty Four A3 Getup Awa Dat B1 NCS B2 Grand Job B3 Tapper