Vince Watson - Deja Vu

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  • Ovum had a big 2014. It was the 20th anniversary of Josh Wink's label, and they finished it with a huge milestone: their 250th release. That averages out to more than one per month across 20 years, which drives home Ovum's credentials as a reliable outlet for house and techno of all stripes. For the occasion, they've enlisted a fellow workhorse, Scottish producer Vince Watson. Watson turns in two svelte techno tracks on his debut for Ovum. "Deja Vu," particularly, finds him in top form: it's all gossamer layering and softly rounded edges, with a seismic bassline that glides along for eight serene minutes. The digital-only "Beatless Mix" is an illuminating look into Watson's arranging skills, as the melodic elements are laid bare and left to mingle with a bassline that now feels comforting. The "Ambient" version takes it apart even further until it's just a cloud of gently glowing pads that Watson doodles over with piano, which is one of his signature touches. "Illusion" is the harder of the two originals, but with its faded chord washes and bobbing hand percussion it achieves a similar kind of majesty. Taking a wrench to "Illusion," Josh Wink tightens it up just a little too much, but his version eventually settles into a nice, Detroit-esque groove. It's a less imaginative but useful concession to the dance floor, rounding off a landmark release that shows Ovum is as sturdy as it's ever been.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Déjà Vu B1 Illusion B2 Illusion (Josh Wink Re-Think)