Brawther - VXVXVX

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  • When it comes to house music, Brawther prefers a straightforward approach. All three of his EPs for Chez Damier's Balance have been called Untitled, and their misty deep house has always been similarly to the point. His latest outing, VXVXVX, was his only original solo material of 2014, and it showed three different shades of his production style. The opener, "Come Inside," is as fierce as we've heard from Brawther. In fact, as rock-hard kicks stomp beneath a sinister female voice and erratic drill noises, you could call this his first foray into techno. But that mood soon shifts: Brawther's trademark punchy swing and gossamer synths push the track into more temperate climes. If that was him dipping a toe outside his comfort zone, then "VXVXVX" is back on familiar ground. 60 seconds of dreamy pads are suddenly severed by a heavily accented Caribbean voice sample, dropping us into a danceable swirl of stabs, vocal shimmers and urgent hats. Showing off his softer side, Brawther's own remix irons out any bumps by bringing the soothing billows to the fore. It's a simple, trusted formula, and one that Brawther has down to a science.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Come Inside B1 VXVXVX B2 VXVXVX (Remix)