Kim Ann Foxman - Firehouse 001

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  • With a past life as a vocalist for disco revivalists Hercules & Love Affair and a 2010 EP for Andrew Butler's gleefully backward-looking Mr. INTL label, it's fair to say that Kim Ann Foxman has never been afraid to mine the '70s and '80s for inspiration. She keeps this up with Firehouse 001, in more ways than one. The EP is the first release on her new label, the name of which is inspired by her new place in Brooklyn (an old firehouse), and which she says will aim to "represent New York, represent its flavour and be a part of the music history that it is so abundant here." "It's All About You" is a luscious piece of deep house, Foxman's swooning vocals floating over spiralling little melodies and a whispering male vocal. "Steal My Secrets" is more perfunctory, and obviously the secondary attraction here, but isn't without its charms. A clear tribute to Joey Beltram, it sees Foxman channel the hallmarks of his R&S-era sound—descending keys, breakbeat percussion, tendrils of bass—into a very listenable if not overly exciting homage. Still, both cuts show promise for the future of Foxman's new label.
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      A1 It's All About You B1 Steal My Secrets