трип - The Deviant Octopus

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  • The first release on Nina Kraviz's трип imprint is a doublepack that puts most label compilations to shame. The Deviant Octopus comes with a style so clearly outlined that it sounds like she's been working at it for years. In a way, the collection is the logical next step of what she started with the foggy grooves of her early Underground Quality records. Taken in tandem with her upcoming DJ-Kicks mix, The Deviant Octopus lays out Kraviz as a master of deep, druggy dance music. Her two tracks here find her on fine form. There's the massive "Prozimokampleme" and the more digestible "IMPRV," which is Kraviz at her best—a knocking beat accentuated by spoken-word whispers that sound like tantalizing commands. "Prozimokampleme" shows a different side, banging out the same chirpy riff for 13 minutes and only providing distant string melodies to hang onto. Sparse yet captivating, it's a great snapshot of her growth as a producer over the last three years. Kraviz's cast of friends come off almost as well. Landing two Population One tracks from Terrence Dixon is a coup for any new label, and both contributions continue the Detroit producer's hot streak. "Out Of Control" is a loopy banger while "Bonus Beats" decenters it even further, the techno equivalent a spinning-teacup ride. Steve Stoll's "Pop Song" features buoyant bass work, and Bjarki's "Polygon Pink Toast" feels like it's constantly disintegrating, without losing sight of the kick drum. Icelandic producer Exos tries to scale the same heights as Kraviz with his own epic, "Nuclear Red Guard." While it's a heavy track—somewhere between Robert Hood and Rolando—it's not as dynamic as "Prozimokampleme," and chances are you won't make it through its 13 minutes more than once. As if to combat the stiffness, Kraviz tacks on Parrish Smith's brief interlude "1.0 / 8.0 Afrika Genocide," a trippy little trifle that ends The Deviant Octopus on a high note. Sequenced remarkably well for such a tracky set of club tunes, the first release on трип makes it look like running a label comes naturally to Kraviz.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Nina Kraviz - Prozimokampleme A2 Steve Stoll - Pop Song B1 Nina Kraviz - IMPRV B2 Bjarki - Polygon Pink Toast C1 Population One - Out of Control (Vocal Mix) C2 Population One - Bonus Beats D1 Exos - Nuclear Red Guard D2 Parrish Smith - 1.0 / 8.0 Afrika Genocide