Sascha Funke - Zug Um Zug

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  • Berlin's Sascha Funke has been quiet for the last couple of years, at least in terms of releases under his own name. The gentle electronic pop of Saschienne, a collaboration with his wife, Julienne Dessagne, has been occupying much of his time, making this two-tracker his first solo release since 2011's Brave LP, and his first for Kompakt since 2001. Never an artist prone to dramatic stylistic shifts, Zug Um Zug finds Funke mining the same kind of lush techno he always has, while also acknowledging the influence of Dessagne. The title track is as hypnotic as it is propulsive, with accordion-like keys washing over a vocal loop and calm drums. The keys eventually morph into slow-and-low piano notes, ending the track even more gracefully than it began. On the flip, "Alles In Allem"'s distinguishing feature is its little rockabilly guitar lick. Soft-focus Kompakt-style percussion and the occasional tumble of high keys add just enough oomph to a track that stretches itself out like an old cat basking in the afternoon sunshine.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Zug Um Zug B1 Alles In Allem