Hubie Davison - Khayyam Grey EP

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  • Given that Leisure System's MO—as both a club night and a label—has been predicated on risk-taking and experimentation, the frazzled house of Hubie Davison's latest EP for the Berlin label is notably accessible. Davison, a London-based Irishman, has a love of classic soul and Theo Parrish, and he combines these influences across three uplifting, sun-dappled tracks. "Khayyam Grey," the EP's most forceful moment, announces its arrival with thudding kicks, slivers of looped vocals and generous dollops of sub-bass, before scuttling off into the distance with clanking percussion. Davison cites Daphni as inspiration, but there's a hint of Scuba's big-room raucousness here. The jaunty, analogue space-funk of "Get On" is a departure, with its traces of French house and Thievery Corporation, but "Vowels" is the winner here. A blissful slab of twinkling mid-tempo house for its first three minutes, it jolts you out of your reverie when Davison detonates a charge of quaking bass underneath it.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Khayyam Grey B1 Get On B2 Vowels