Anthony Parasole - My Block

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  • Anthony Parasole makes his proper debut on Ostgut Ton with an EP inspired by what he terms "tribalism"—particularly the cut-up, broken-beat aesthetic of early '90s hip-hop. Seizing on the percussive assault of his past records, My Block is murky, groovy and packed to the gills with drums that add a tinge of hypnotism to Parasole's tough-guy techno. "Typhoon" is the EP's standout, cutting a long and syncopated path through swampy atmospherics. Imagine one of Donato Dozzy's most psychedelic moments but with a more earthen palette—it's entrancing as it twists and turns for what feels like eternity, and it's one of Parasole's most distinctive tracks yet. "Bizarre" carries over those deeper-than-deep atmospherics for a more traditional techno job, dressing up the pounding kick drums with eerie "Tubular Bells" melodies and distant whooshes that sound like field recordings of paranormal activity. The title track is the simplest thing here, and though its half-hearted melody feels like an afterthought, the killer drum work nearly makes up for it. It rounds off a solid EP that offers some of Parasole's most personal and unusual material.
  • Tracklist
      A1 My Block A2 Bizarre B1 Typhoon