Mr. G - Personal Momentz

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  • Even without knowing its backstory, it's obvious that Personal Momentz was made in the shadow of bereavement. In its bustling vigour, the opening track may sound like classic Mr. G (crisp hi-hats, dry snares, slithering bass, a lot of energy), but its central motif, a jazzy dab of piano, could not be more elegiac. Soon we hear a gospel singer giddily professing her faith, and from there the album features numerous old soul and spoken-word samples that meditate on death. These, after all, were the first tracks that Mr. G made after losing his father. At times, Personal Momentz is pitch-black in its despair. "Dark Heartz" sounds like a revved-up Levon Vincent, with drums ricocheting in a thick fog of bass, while a demonic voice repeats "especially… when you are… alone." But that's just one aspect of an album that is varied and thoughtful in its emotional tone. This is not a bleak listen. Beyond its thumping kick, "DAD" is adorned with xylophone and reverb-drenched keyboards. It's a tribute of quiet, loving beauty. There are also moments of black humour (a comedian riffing on the price of funerals), uplifting spiritual succour (the fathoms-deep house of "Angels (Ascending)") and tired resignation. "It's just one of those things," repeats the sample that runs through the groovy, insidious "Thingz And Stuff." That track, lightly constructed from a beat, some rubbery low-end, ravey stabs and a whirring string sample, is typically brilliant in its pared-back precision. Indeed, even though Personal Momentz was written in just ten days, it might be Mr. G's most accomplished album to date. Even at its most barrelling, Colin McBean's music always feel warm and human. His magical way with bass and that ancient analogue kit he uses gives his tracks a woody soulfulness. But here he's slowed the pace a little and allowed himself to stretch out musically and melodically, particularly in his use of vocal samples. The effect is compelling—think a more chilled-out, reflective Floorplan. If anyone ever tells you that electronic music cannot convey the full spectrum of human emotion, show them Personal Momentz.
  • Tracklist
      01. Faith 02. Hip Flexer 03. Interlude 2 04. DAD 05. Haze 06. G Beats Pt. 25 07. Things And Stuff (Mango Boy Red Eye Mix) 08. Lifes Riddimz (The Conversation) 09. Lot To Say 10. Angels (Ascending) 11. S O T Uz 12. Dark Heartz