Diynamic in Berlin

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  • It was a certain DIY philosophy that led Solomun and Adriano Trolio to set up Diynamic Music in Hamburg almost a decade ago. Despite their absence, the label's homegrown approach shone through at the annual showcase at Ritter Butzke in Berlin earlier this month. A stellar lineup slotted the label's biggest names—Stimming, David August, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Adriatique, Karmon—alongside up-and-comers like Magdalena, Denite, and Andre Schaaf. Across the night, the artists were either found on the dance floor or behind the booth during their labelmates' sets, hugging, high-fiving, and cheering each other on. Ost & Kjex warmed up the Ölfasslager room with a live performance. Matching pitch-perfect vocals to bluesy house grooves, the Norwegian duo were clearly in their element. In the Salon, Stimming was already underway, setting field recording samples to hazy, melodic beats. Up next, Chrisian Hilscher and Nico Plagemann, AKA Kollektiv Turmstrasse, took over for an effortless hour of dreamy techno. With a relationship that stretches back to the '90s, the duo are masters of working with the space between their sounds. For them, less is definitely more. After a slow start, David August kept energy levels high. He may be young, but August commands the stage like a veteran. The night's DJ sets were also on-point. Adriatique played upbeat and housey, taking no prisoners with a flurry of spirited, danceable cuts. As the sun rose, Thyladomoid took to the decks in the Salon, playing a steady but safe set that stuck to dance floor mainstays and classic soundscapes. The night ended in the early afternoon with a grey sky outside, but in the Ölfasslager the lights were still down. Undercatt played their second set of the night, coming full circle to close out the party having opened at 11 PM. By this point the crowd had thinned but those that were left weren't holding back: cheers and applause erupted at every turn.