OB Ignitt - Let Me Tell You

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    23 Dec 2014
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    Resident Advisor
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    November 2014
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  • OB Ignitt's debut record, Wayne County Hill Cop's (Part 2), a collaboration with long-time friend Omar S, gave as good a first impression as any producer could wish to make. But looking at the titles of subsequent records, he seemed to be suggesting that some people were wondering who he was: an FXHE release last year was called Mysterious, and his first 12-inch on his new label, Obonit, had an even more declarative title: I'm Here Now The Arrival. With his fifth EP since his re-emergence (he once produced for R&B giants R Kelly and Jodeci, among others), it feels as if we're getting to know OB Ignitt a little better. "My Last Reese Cup" is a bold house track where all the moving parts are exposed and pushed to the front, from its inhaling-and-exhaling sample and splashing snare drum to the track's rich bassline and horn notes. There's also a drum break that's reminiscent of Salt-N-Pepa, another major label act he once produced. An Omar S remix of "Let It Do What It Does" is the star of the show, though, and it proves just what a potent combination the pair can be. It's all about the piano solo, which effortlessly rides the track's whirring rhythmic cogs and bright-eyed synths, and scales new heights whenever it sounds as if it might be done climbing.
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      A1 My Last Reese Cup B1 Let It Do What It Does (Omar-S Mix)