DJ Pierre - What Is House Muzik?

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  • If you're commissioning remixes for a track called "What Is House Muzik?" you're not going to be able to get an industrial techno version from Blawan are you? So credit must go to Get Physical for a bumper remix package—at 76 minutes, it's at maximum CD length—that more or less holds the attention throughout. DJ Pierre released the original back in 1994 as Phuture Scope. That it still stands up today is proof of its classic status. A boisterous acid-dunked (what else?) stomp, it introduces the vocal motif that features throughout the remixes. Pierre goes first. His "90's House Mix" settles at a similar tempo to the original, but this time he throws the kitchen sink at it—drum rolls, thunderclaps, a pogoing bassline. It doesn't connect like the original, however. Guti's remix is all about mood, with the Argentinian producer summoning up a multi-layered percussive (quiet) storm through a military tattoo and snatches of brushed, jazzy snares. Get Physical MD Roland Leesker turns in a shuddering, whipcracking take that doesn't quite have the presence of Guti's. Paolo Rocco & Jay London's rolling dub sees the Canadian duo make maximum use of their hi-hats, although it's overshadowed by a spacey big-room version from DJ T and the epic Villalobos remix. DJ T's mix rumbles with elephantine bass stabs before unleashing its secret weapon in the shape of cosmic synths, twisting the mind and blurring your focus. In what could be the ultimate comfort break tune for brave DJs, Ricardo Villalobos creates a squelchy, ramshackle 32-minute remix that features freaky blobs of distorted Middle Eastern strings, occasionally decorated by brief percussive snippets. Is it too long? Probably. But it's romantic, hypnotic and utterly exotic.
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      01. What Is House Muzik (90's House Mix) 02. What Is House Muzik (Ricardo Villalobos What Is Remix) 03. What Is House Muzik (Guti Remix) 04. What Is House Muzik (Roland Leesker LoveMix) 05. What Is House Muzik (DJ T. Remix) 06. What Is House Muzik (Paolo Rocco & Jay London Dub) 07. What Is House Muzik 08. What Is House Muzik (Acapella)