A Sagittariun - Lost Cities

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  • Mysterious cosmonaut A Sagittariun has spent the past few years putting a spacey spin on '90s techno and rave sounds for his own Elastic Dreams imprint. Now he lands on Secretsundaze for his first release on another label. Lost Cities turns out to be an inspired pairing, bringing a touch of the extraterrestrial to the UK label's more earthy deep house style. "Quartz" is almost kitschy. The little glissandos that curl up after each bar have an old-school flair, and the track cruises on a bassline that could fit into a Lindstrøm track if it weren't so pacey. "Landing Pad" has a more assertive arpeggio that whirs like a UFO waiting to beam you up; with its attractive string riffs and gently insistent chords, it makes a strong case for taking the trip. Slowing things down to an amble, "Different Planet" tiptoes by on a broken beat with exaggerated sci-fi synth whistles. Lost Cities is probably A Sagittariun's most retro release yet, but it's also one of his best.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Quartz B1 Landing Pad B2 Different Planet