Peverelist / Ashley Paul - 12,000 Seconds

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  • 12,000 Seconds is a new concept from Bass Clef's Magic + Dreams label. Two artists are invited to take one side of a cassette each, with tracks of an exact length—0:06, 2:37, 3:03 etc—that add up to 12,000 seconds (or, because of a miscalculation, 12,060). There are no other rules, so artists are free to do as they wish. That's led to some interesting results on the first tape, which pairs Bristol producer Peverelist with New York experimentalist Ashley Paul. With Peverelist in as mind-twisting form as ever, his eight tracks make the most of his limited time. The clubbier moments recall his early work on Punch Drunk, like the spin-cycle of "Caught A Glimpse" with its "Clunk Click Every Trip"-style synths. The other highlights prominently feature classic dub synth horns: "OK Run It" and its cartoonish gallop, and the bending, backwards rhythm of "Kinetics," which wouldn't be out of place on a Livity Sound 12-inch. Ashley Paul's turn is at once more reserved and more confrontational. A set of quietly raging tracks, Paul coaxes sounds out of her saxophone and guitar that veer between plaintive and anxious, and occasionally she lashes out with her own voice. Her tracks take better advantage of the 12,000 seconds concept, using the varying lengths to breathe in and out, and letting off some of the steam. It's difficult to imagine how the two sides could be more different from each other, and there is a bit of a disconnect when flipping between them. But the first tape in the series is a definite (and unusual) success.
  • Tracklist
      Peverelist: 01. Introduction 02. Caught A Glimpse 03. In A Spin 04. Kinetics 05. A Brief Transmission 06. Silvers 07. OK Run It 08. Until The Next Time Ashley Paul: 01. Distance 02. Face 03. Lines 04. Prelude 05. Weight 06. Hero 07. Take 08. Leave