Hyenah - Tale From The Dirt

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  • Hyenah caused a stir in deep house circles last year with their debut EP, The Wish. Sparky and awash with African percussion, "The Wish (Dub)" was a big favourite with the likes of Dixon and Mano Le Tough. This second release maintains that record's high quality, as well as its basis in African-sounding beats. The title track features Berlin-based former reggae/dancehall artist Aquarius Heaven on vocals. There are several blissful minutes of glowing little synths and gently popping percussion, with the addition of Aquarius Heaven's relaxed vocal completing this deep house slow-burner. On his remix Rampa takes a different but equally well-realised approach, foregrounding the vocal and surrounding it with various build-and-release rhythmic devices. "The Chase" is a great deal more brooding, inching forwards with a shifting pattern of keys and adding hydraulic wheezes and tough drums along the way. It could easily have been a striking lead track. A "Beatsdrumental Mix"—five minutes of rolling booms, clacks and pops that'll be a boon for DJs—closes an impressive second outing for Hyenah.
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      A1 Tale From The Dirt feat. Aquarius Heaven B1 Tale From The Dirt feat. Aquarius Heaven (Rampa Remix) B2 The Chase