Deep Space Techno mixed by Kevin Saunderson

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  • The Inner City man's third mix for Trust The DJ is a varied affair. Subtitled Deep Space Techno, it proves to be much more than that as we traverse eighteen rhythmic blockbusters. It takes a while to get going, the introductory build up perhaps a bit too long, but then it bursts out of the blocks and into some samba techno. Yes, that's samba techno - Jesse Garcia's 'Latino Activo' really putting some stress on the ivories, with a similar piano riff cropping up later in Area's 'Habana Tekto'. The mix storms onward, some really pumping stuff from Deetron, Mark Williams and Tim Taylor v Andy Slate, and Saunderson himself presents Inner City's 'Say Something', changing the direction of the mix at just the right moment. From here on it's classy cuts from the likes of Bryan Zentz and Sean Colt, before the ghost of 'Good Life' returns in Devilfish's 'Man Alive', that distinctive old school keyboard sequence sounding as sharp as it ever did. The deep space techno then plays out with Renato Cohen and Ignition Technician, who throws his hands in the air along with the rest of us. The more you listen to this excellent CD, the better it gets - another essential selection from Trust The DJ.