Bwana - Flute Dreams

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  • Nathan Micay made a splash in 2012 with a hyperactive track called "Baby Let Me Finish." Based around samples of Ciara's "Like A Surgeon," it had more in common with the bubbly post-dubstep coming out of the UK at the time than with anything in Toronto, his hometown. It seemed as if Micay had trouble finding his footing from there—he went silent for two years, but he spent that time delving into the world of trance and progressive house. He now returns with a polished sound and a debut release for Aus Music full of sunrise-worthy melodies. "Flute Dreams" is the pillar of the EP. It starts with sighing chords before a big-room bassline (which bears no small resemblance to this 2012 anthem) tears it right open. Though there's something urgent about its chirpy arpeggios, only the stormy drums in its final section hint at a climax—everything else is held firmly in place, the same sense of organized chaos that made "Baby Let Me Finish" so remarkable. Micay keeps ominous basslines and quivering chords at a simmer on "Fizzle," while "Aomame" is sweeter, rinsing a twinkly arpeggio right out of the gate and building more jacking momentum from there. Simian Mobile Disco remix "Flute Dreams," but their take feels pedestrian next to the ebullience that surrounds it, which speaks to the strength of Micay's new sound. There's no doubt he's borrowing liberally from his influences—a splash of Innervisions here, a pinch of Sasha there—he's got the talent to do something interesting with them.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Flute Dreams A2 Flute Dreams (Simian Mobile Disco Remix) B1 Fizzle B2 Aomame