Matias Aguayo - Legende

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  • The last time we saw Matias Aguayo he was orchestrating the freaky circus attractions that constituted his album The Visitor. His return to Kompakt marks a shift back towards the dance floor—albeit its peripheries—but as is Aguayo's wont, you'll have to cut through the knotted branches and thick vines of his style to get there. All four tracks smoulder with the kind of ethereal atmosphere found in Gabriel García Márquez novels or Guillermo del Toro movies. On "Run Away From The Sun" that extends to the lyrics, with Aguayo mixing up German and English to recount the tale of a vampire who has spent "sieben hundert fünfzig Jahre just waiting for a kiss," only to be sent packing by the big shiny orb in the sky. Underneath, intricate bass plays out a ghostly fairground melody to the accompaniment of a stoned 4/4 rhythm. The instrumental "Lola In The City" continues in a similar vein although its tempo is slowed further and it's slightly more deranged, chiefly down to its demented synths. The most straight-forward thing is the EP's title track, a swaggering 120 BPM cut whose mood is instantly shattered by the dolorous closer, "Walty." To a beat that sounds like car windscreen wipers on intermittent, Aguayo plays chords that ache with weariness, as if the Chilean producer has entered shutdown mode. In contrast, Señor Aguayo's creativity shows little sign of slowing any time soon.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Run Away From The Sun A2 Lola In The City B1 Legende B2 Walty