Eduardo De La Calle - My Own Transition

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  • It's a brave move to take on a classic as beloved as Underground Resistance's "Transition," but on this one-track 12-inch for John Talabot's Hivern Discs, veteran producer Eduardo De La Calle emerges from the task with distinction. This cover/reinterpretation is actually a reissue—it originally appeared as a limited release on his Analog Solutions label in 2011. Hivern have apparently been fans of the track since then, and with this reissue they aim to bring it to a broader audience. De la Calle sensibly doesn't try to emulate the original's inspirational bombast, instead taking it in a subtly sparky, atmospheric direction. Musically, de la Calle opts for a perpetually moving bed of muted bass, overlaying it with gently echoing keys. The vocal is consciously low-key too, with UR's impassioned original replaced by a calm, robotic baritone that still retains some intensity in its own, much less obvious way. The result is a deep, airy reinterpretation that maintains utmost respect for the source material while striving to be different.
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      A1 My Own Transition