Various - Five Years Of Stroboscopic Artefacts: Chapter II

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  • The second instalment in Stroboscopic Artefacts' five-year anniversary series comes from Zeitgeber (Lucy and Speedy J) and Luke Slater as L.B. Dub Corp. The former supply the release's A-side, "Totemism." As you might expect from a cut that's over ten minutes long, groove is the focus. Its muffled bassline is the main feature, which makes the track feel a lot slower than the 130 BPM it really is. Bells, sci-fi synth sounds and hi-hats drift in and out of the picture. The end result is extremely loopy but still engaging. L.B. Dub Corp's contribution is much more confrontational. It's an updated version of the A-side on Slater's well-received 2010 effort Take It Down (In Dub), which, thanks to its white noise, hissing and a spooky monologue, wasn't his most dance floor-friendly record. The bouncier "Take It Down Again (In Dub)" is similarly enthralling, but it would take a brave DJ to test this out in a club—it's either going to completely clear the dance floor, or be one of the night's best cuts.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Zeitgeber - Totemism A2 LB Dub Corp - Take It Down Again (In Dub)