A Sagittariun - Wish You Were There EP

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  • With a complete lack of fanfare, A Sagittariun has turned himself into one of the most reliable dance music producers. The West Country artist has maintained a consistently high level for his atmospheric style, operating inside and around the perimeters of techno with subtlety and skill. Wish You Were There may cover several bases, but there are identifiable strands to A Sagittariun's DNA that you can pick out across the three tracks. On "Loopholes" that means deep, rolling techno that midway through gets spacedust sprinkled over it. A Sagittariun does trippy and twisted well, not least because his method is the antithesis of the kitchen-sink antics of some of his peers. As with previous work in his catalogue (like "Conquering Lions" and "A Lucid Dream") the sharp-elbowed analogue breakbeat of "The Lathe Of Heaven" provides further evidence that its creator is an old B-boy at heart. "Blake's Vision," with its intricate analogue melodies, suggests a love of '90s Brit techno masters like Orbital and Future Sound Of London. There's nothing remotely resembling pastiche here, mind you. There's an art to repurposing classic tropes, and A Sagittariun is increasingly masterful at it.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Loopholes B1 The Lathe of Heaven B2 Blake's Vision