Underworld - Born Slippy Nuxx 2 x12

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  • 8 years after the original release, Underworld's Born Slippy Nuxx gets a revival for dancefloors for 2003 with 4 remixes on offer for drum'n'bass, breaks and progressive tastes. What's interesting about the original tune is that it came out during a period in dance music when hardcore rave music was the in thing (and usually the happy hardcore version of the sound.) Once this tune dropped it brought an alternative take to rave music, made the movie Trainspotting's soundtrack a must buy and got everyone singing about the "lager, lager, lager". Vinyl 1. Side A - 2003 12" Mix Starting off with a melodic piano line, the 2003 remix is a more musical version of the original tune. The new version doesn't retain those classic and very memorable synth stabs at the beginning of the tune that are known to get any crowd whistling and raising their hands in the air. The original tribal drums are kept, however this time they remain in the shadow of the piano riff and Karl Hyde's classic vocals. Have our tastes gone softer since 1996? Vinyl 1. Side B - London Elektricity Remix Speeding things up to drum'n'bass tempo is the London Elektricity Remix. It starts off as half tempo drum'n'bass, on a tribal beats tip before going at it full slog into drum'n'bass territories. Karl Hyde's vocals have been sped up to suit the beats and you can't help but think it almost sounds like the Chipmunks doing Underworld. They've included a new piano riff to the 2003 remix and during the breakdown, the original synth stabs get revisited for a quick cameo. Not bad for a sped up remix into drum'n'bass. Vinyl 2. Side A - Paul Oakenfold Remix Oakey takes the tune on a trancey progressive ride and starts it off with a rumbling bassline before introducing Karl's vocals to the mix. It features a steady 4/4 beat and also some clever 303 work in the background. During the breakdown, Oakenfold introduces breakbeats to the mix, a hard bassline and then cuts it all out and goes back to the original four to the floor theme. Teasin' Vinyl 2. Side B - Atomic Hooligan Mix From the breaks fraternity, they've enlisted the help of breaks nutters Atomic Hooligan for a breaky take on the theme. The Hooligan's have taken the tribal drums and layered them on top of a highly danceable breakbeat. Quite similar to the original 96 tune - both relying solely on Karl's vocals and drums. The synth samples from the original are brought back during the breakdown - a really long breakdown which features Karl's vocals in full, before the breaks kick back in again until the end of the song.