DJ Bone - Cultural Variance

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  • Every now and then, certain dance music pairings raise a few eyebrows. Leftroom and DJ Bone is one of them. The former is a label run by Matt Tolfrey, who throughout his career has mostly released stripped-back, groove-led house. DJ Bone is a Detroit techno veteran, and something of a cult favourite. Here he joins Leftroom's ranks with the two-track Cultural Variance 12-inch. Despite the unusual pairing, DJ Bone's loopy minimalism isn't so far away from the kind of club-tailored cuts Leftroom specialises in. Cultural Variance's biggest point of difference from the rest of Leftroom's catalogue is its tempo—both cuts cruise at above 130 BPM. There are no real breakdowns, and the tracks' energy levels remains constant throughout. Both are extremely functional, occupying the heady and often satisfying place between house and techno. The B-side "Faze" is my favourite—it's spacey, but thanks to its brisk pace it's very much a peak-time tune. The title track features what sounds like sampled African chants and singing. It's a solid tool as well, but feels a little clunky compared to its slick counterpart.
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      A1 Cultural Variance B1 Faze 1